The Basement Odeon

Home cinema professionals know that the weakest link in most systems will be the acoustics of the listening room itself. The owner of this superb Media room installed by Oldfield Controls gave the designers carte blanche to specify the room to their ideal proportions for the very best picture and sound quality.

The owner of the house is a well know Golfer with a passion for almost every sport imaginable.

“The system is effectively used as a big television for viewing live sports rather than watching films,” explains Andrew the Director at Oldfield Controls. “Because of the heavy use the system gets we recommended an Epson projector which in addition to a superb picture comes with a 5 year guarantee including the lamp. This effectively means there are no running costs on the system except electricity for the first 5 years.”

The audio system chosen uses the in wall version of MK’s studio monitors.

“MK in wall speakers really are quite unlike any other speakers on the market. Aside from using the exact same quality of drive units and crossovers as the studio proven monitors and a unique heavy baffle assembly, these are the only true in wall satellite speakers on the market. Combined with a subwoofer to match the size of room, this provides incredible power handling and clarity from truly tiny loudspeakers.”

The whole system works with iPad control and a very funky LED lighting system that makes the system as fun and easy, while providing the very best picture and sound quality.

To contact Oldfield and audition their superb listening rooms call 01756 708608.