Really Big Screen

One of the constant issues for home cinema designers is “managing client expectations”. For many people the bigger the screen the better and whilst a larger screen adds very little to the cost of a system, picture quality will often suffer.

In this project completed by Ideal Home Cinema the room size could accommodate a really big 4.2m wide screen (2.35:1) acoustically transparent Seymour screen with an ISCO Anamorphic lens.

“In most rooms the ceiling height and the viewing distance restricts how large a screen we recommend”, explains Allan from Ideal Home Cinema. “The basement in this house was simply huge so unusually we were able to install a huge screen with no loss of quality. A screen this size puts the “money seat” at over 6m away which is something which creates its own problems,” explains Allan.

“Domestic hifi speakers simply cannot provide the SPL’s required for reference film levels at this distance. Commercial speakers will play loud enough but the quality is simply not good enough.In this instance the solution was to stack active 150 front speakers to give the extra volume levels required. The particular model we used had the option to switch between different dispersion patterns to match the listening room they were used in.”

Ideal Home Cinema keeps a full MK 150 system of permanent demonstration.

To book a visit to their superb facilities contact Allan on 01756 708608.