The past meets the future

English Country Estate

This classic English Country Estate now contains a superb cinema so there is no reason to ever leave home. The photo below shows the system under construction and illustrates that the best sound and vision can be achieved discretely and with very little disruption to the room.

The property is over 200 years old and contains many works of art and priceless family heirlooms which meant cutting through lath and plaste walls was impractical. M& flat on wall MP300 speakers and matching 300T on wall Tripolar surrounds provided the perfect solution. Partnered with a pair of X12 subwoofers in the rear corners this Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 system provides better sound quality than even the finest commercial cinemas.

A Sony 1100, 4k projector and 4.5 wide screen provides the best picture quality for the perfect family room for enjoying film and TV at its best.