Movies, Music and Gaming in One

This client was torn between having a games room or a cinema. After contacting the home cinema team at Aperio AV in Wiltshire he auditioned a three different home cinema systems before choosing a MK 300/150 hybrid system.

The layout of the room means that concerts and sport can be enjoyed when playing pool and sharing a beer, while the best possible sound and vision can be enjoyed when sat down.

The speakers used are the same MK 300’s that the AVForum voted the “Best Home Cinema Speakers” of 2018. The front speaker are the in-wall version that were placed behind an acoustically transparent widescreen Seymour AV screen. With on wall Tripolar surround speakers the most convincing surround sound experience was achieved without the cost of multiple surround speakers and amplifiers.

Bass is a critical part of any cinema system and the best possible bass response was achieved with a pair of the MK X12 subwoofer. These are the same subwoofers that the world’s leading film makers use to mix their film scores with.

The end result is a system that comfortably provides better sound and vision than any commercial cinema while fitting discretely in to the room with minimal time or cost of installation. The whole system is controlled with a Control 4 system which makes the cinema a dream to use.