A secret delight

V series subwoofer

At the start of 2015 M&K released a new range of more affordable subwoofers called the V series subwoofer. These subwoofers share much of the same technology found in M&K X Series subwoofers that are used by the world’s leading recording studios. The lower price of these subwoofers has made enjoying the speed and transparency of a full M&K system available to a much wider audience.

This room is in a spare bedroom in a charming cottage in the countryside. The compact size of M&K’s flat MP150 speakers combined with their new V12 subwoofers was a perfect combination for this room. Simply by fixing the speaker to the wall and then hanging an acoustically transparent screen in front the perfect front soundstage was achieved. With a pair of subwoofers in each front corner and MK S150T Tripolar speakers at the side and rear of the room, the whole system creates a truly enveloping experience for music film and TV.

The client already owned a high end music system and was particularly surprised at how much more musical and natural his home cinema was than his hifi.

This spare room has been transformed from an unused space to the busiest room in the home that is typically used for more than 3 hours every night.