Discrete audio demonstrated

Discrete Audio Systems

These are the latest discrete audio systems on demonstration at Gecko. If you thought in wall speakers were a compromise these two systems will change your mind.

In the best professional control rooms, the walls are built out around the speakers to minimise the negative affect of the rooms acoustics on the loudspeakers. These baffle walls eliminate the sound that come from the rear of the speaker compromising sound quality. The result is more bass combined with better imaging and dynamics.

Here you can see MKs new in wall 300 Series speakers installed as part of a high performance music system. Below these are the MK in wall 150 Series that are on show as part of a 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos surround system.

All MK in wall speakers are designed as part of full range loudspeaker systems that provide powerful, life like sound. Correctly designed and calibrated they provide superb sound quality from a very discrete speaker system.