A cinema fit for a King

Stately home cinema

Proving that even those who live in the most elegant homes love the cinema, this magnificent English country house cinema demonstrates a superb private screening room. You may recognize this property for films such as Sense and Sensibility, The Madness of King George, Mrs. Brown or Pride and Prejudice,

The previous head of the house was the film producer Henry Herbert, a man with a life long passion for cinema. His son recently installed this beautiful cinema complete with original movie posters showing his fathers work.

A full MK Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 system with a 12 foot wide 4k projection system, it comfortably outperforms the picture and sound quality of any commercial cinema while also serving as the best possible place to enjoy games for the PlayStation.

The front speakers used are the flat MK MP300 speakers. These combine with a pair of X10 subwoofers to give the power and fidelity typically only found in the finest recording studios. With the addition of a pair of side and rear MKS150T Tripolar surround speakers and front height MP150 and side height Tripolar speakers this system delivers a truly enveloping surround experience while fitting very discretely in to this lovely room.