The best MK Cinema yet

MK 300 system

Our demonstration rooms are continually being improved to ensure the home cinema systems we demonstrate really do provide unbeatable performance at the price. If you think all speakers sound the same we urge you to come and hear for yourself why MK continues to be the first choice for both film makers and film lovers alike.

We keep four very different cinemas on show at Gecko each of which has been carefully chosen to provide the very best performance at the price. Unlike any other home cinema showrooms you will visit, every single component we use is the best in its class and is what we would buy ourselves.

The first system we typically show visitors is this MK 300 system in a 7.4.4 configuration. M&K’s 300 Series provide a significant step up in both the quality and the power of any of their previous speakers and this system will comfortably outperforms any commercial cinema.

The improved clarity, dynamics, detail and naturalness of this system simply outperforms any other system on show in the UK while costing a fraction of the price of many of these alternatives. If you love film you need to see and hear this incredible system.