A Sexy Showroom

This picture shows the cinema in the basement of Zebras Kings Road showroom.

A long room with black fabric walling made this a superb space for showing projection systems. The low ceiling in this space however did create some real problems when trying to create the very best sound quality.

The best sound achieved was with a stack of MK 150 loudspeakers that had the option of a controlled dispersion characteristic. This made for a very narrow beam of sound that dramatically reduced the first reflections from the ceiling that blurred other speaker systems we tried.

The 150 loudspeaker has been designed with three tweeters principally to lower the crossover point between the tweeter and mid-range drivers to a point where human hearing is not so acute. In addition to making for a smoother more detailed response, this ensure the speakers have a very useful dispersion spreading sound evenly across the width of the room for all listeners while reducing celling and floor reflections.