A film for the family

Family home cinema

The London Home Cinema company have been designing and installing cinemas for the film and TV industry for nearly 20 years. While the majority of systems they install are for professionals who are solely concerned with hearing their work at their best, more and more of these same clients are now looking for the best performance in their family home cinema without the need for a dedicated listening room.

We took a visit to the London Home Cinemas new showroom to look at a system designed to keep interior designers as happy as movie professionals.

Martin Redwood first encountered MK loudspeakers back in 1994, when he attended the LucasFilm THX training course held at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch facilities in California.

“Having been shown how the soundtrack for a movie is created and understanding the many processes that go into it, I was most interested in what set-up the sound engineers would use in their post-production studios. The now ubiquitous MK 150 system was the answer – for them and countless other Hollywood studios” Martin comments. “and that’s the sound that we want to re-create for our clients in their family home cinema rooms, as accurately as possible.”

This photo shows one of the London Home Cinema’s demonstrations rooms. A full MK 150 system is kept on permanent demonstration for clients who want to hear precisely how films are intended to be heard.

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