Here is a selection of recent customer reviews/feedback on our products and systems.

  • If you think all speakers sound the same you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

  • Finding an MK dealer takes time; but chances are you’ll find a real audio expert when you do.

  • MK makes a lot of noise about how many film companies use their speakers, hear a full MK system and you’ll realise why.

  • Any serious home cinema buff will end up owning MK, eventually

  • Big speakers are the last thing you want in a home cinema. Speakers should be heard and not seen which makes MK’s little monitors the perfect choice for the best home cinema.

  • Once you’ve heard MK speakers you’ll be a convert too.

  • Right at last! I can’t tell you how many speakers I tried before settling on the MK’s. Using the same speakers the film makers’ use just works.

  • We love the system. It’s used every night and the only problem is who gets to choose what we watch.

  • Recording studios are the most critical customers for any loudspeakers and MK are the speakers trusted by Hollywood.

  • Auditioning as many systems as possible is the best investment you can make in a home cinema. Check out MK speakers and you’ll hear what film makers use them in an instant.

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