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In Wall Dolby Atmos 9.4.4 300 Series Cinema

The M&K300 Series is the new reference point for state-of-the-art mixing, post production and home cinema applications. Building on the strengths of the iconic 150 system the new 300 series provides even greater power, detail and control.

Now permanently installed at Gecko’s listening room, we highly recommend a demonstration of this extraordinary system to experience your films as never before.

M&K surround systems are used by 20th Century Fox, Dolby Labs, DreamWorks, DTS, HBO, Lucasfilm, Paramount, Sony Music, Sony Pictures, Skywalker Sound, Universal Studios, Walt Disney and Warner Bros.

Panasonic DMP-UB400 UHD player £300
JVC DNL-N9 Pseudo 8k projector £18,495
Ceiling mount projector bracket £150
Wide Screen high gain projection screen up to 5m wide £2,895
Lyngdorf MP50 Processor with RoomPerfect £11,995
Amplification 6 x Lyngdorf SDA 2 x 400w £11,970
Front speakers 3 x M&K In Wall IW300’s £6,900
Front side, rear speakers 4 x M&K S300T £6,800
Subwoofers 4 x M&K X12 £12,800
QED HDMI video connections £250
XLR, speaker and subwoofer cables £820
Equipment Total £73,375

UHD Player: Panasonic DMP-UB400 – £300

Proving the best picture and sound can be achieved without spending a fortune, this Panasonic UHD player is superb and is our current go to player.

Projector: JVC DNL-N9 – £18,495

With the arrival of HDR content its essential that any projector has the best possible contrast to make the most of this new standard. JVC projectors have the best black level available and this native 4k unit has pseudo 8k resolution. This superb projector comfortably outperforms far more expensive alternatives providing superb quality on screens up to 4.5m wide.

Screen: Seymour AV Widescreen Screen, up to 5M wide £2,895

The correct projection screen is essential to achieving both the best picture and sound quality. With a large screen it is essential that the centre speaker is perfectly located behind the centre of the screen so that voices come from the actors not below or above them. To do this correctly requires a woven screen material that allows sound to pass while reflecting light back.

Until now woven screens have been very expensive while reducing picture brightness and detail. Seymour AV screens are high-gain so pictures remain bright and detailed while sound quality is assured. We highly recommend a viewing of this Blu Ray player, projector and screen combination – you’ll be knocked out by what you see!

Audio Visual Processor: Lyngdorf MP50 with RoomPerfect – £11,995

Lyngdorf’s first AV Processor provides higher fidelity than any alternatives. This is largely down to the use of RoomPerfect, the worlds most advanced room correction system and the only automated system design for the highest fidelity music listening. If you want to be certain of enjoying the ultimate music and film reproduction, we highly recommend an audition.

Power Amplifiers: Lyngdorf SDA2400 x 6 – £1,995 each

M&K’s 300 Series loudspeakers provide a transparency that is rare among home cinema loudspeakers. Their remarkable efficiency means they can provide remarkable output when powered by affordable Receivers but to hear them at their best, Lyngdorfs new digital amplifiers are our first choice.

Just 1U high these amplifiers are a product developed for the most critical audiophile applications, however with 400w power deliver they are the perfect complement for home cinemas where very high-power handling is required.

Front Speakers: M&K In-wall IW300’s x 3 – £2,300 each

The S300 is the new industry standard for post-production, editing and the highest performance surround sound playback. At 94db efficiency it is perfectly suited for use in reference quality cinemas and can be stacked for use in the largest of spaces. If you are looking for the finest surround system, we highly recommend auditing this remarkable new monitoring system.

Rear speakers: 2 pairs of M&K S300T – £3,400 pair

The matching Tripolar speakers for the S300 front monitors; this patented Tripolar speaker is the finest surround speaker available. Providing the detail of a direct radiating speaker with the envelopment of a bipolar, no other surround speakers are capable of creating such a life like 360-degree soundstage.

Height Speakers: M&K In-ceiling IW300’s – £2,300 each

Dolby Atmos is the latest development in home cinema. In the past surround sound has been limited to 2D with sounds coming from front to back and both sides of you. Dolby Atmos allows the use of height speakers to create a truly three-dimensional sound.

The M&K 300T’s are the perfect speaker for Dolby Atmos thanks to their Tripolar dispersion characteristics. Mounted on the ceiling, the speakers fire down the full length of the room without their location becoming distraction. Use in pairs adding 2, 4 or 6 above you for the ultimate surround sound experience.

Subwoofers: M&K X12 x 4 – £3,200 each

The X12 subwoofer was designed as part of the professional 150 system. M&K invented active subwoofers for use with their satellite speakers over 40 years ago and the pedigree shows when you hear these subs. Unlike most subwoofers which may give plenty of boom at the expense of detail, these subs are as fast and articulate as the studio monitors they are designed to partner. For music or movies these subs are the perfect partner to any speaker system. The use of 6 subwoofers provides truly subterranean bass in the largest of rooms. A demonstration of this remarkable system is highly recommended.