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In Wall Dolby Atmos 7.2.4 150 Series Cinema

Our most popular home cinema system uses the exact same speakers that the worlds leading film makers use to make their movies. Warner Bros, Universal, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, DreamWorks, Lucasfilm, Dolby, Skywalker Sound, Sony Pictures, HBO, THX and DTS all use M&K loudspeakers to record their films. There is simply no other speaker with the credentials and quality of M&Ks famous 150 loudspeakers.

Compare the 150 speakers to any alternatives you may be considering, and you’ll experience a level of detail and dynamics that you never knew existed. The use of three stacked tweeters handles the dynamics of say a gunshot 3 times better than a speaker with a single tweeter. This drive unit layout also produces a much wider soundstage than a single tweeter design so listeners throughout the listening room will enjoy the best sound quality. This speaker is designed with a narrow height dispersion to minimize ceiling and floor reflections – a feature that is particularly recommended in rooms with low ceilings or with longer listening distances.

Panasonic DMP-UB400 UHD player £300
JVC DNL-N5 4k projector £6,500
Ceiling mount projector bracket £150
Wide Screen high gain projection screen £1,595
Denon AVC-X 8500H 13 channel Receiver £3,295
Front speakers 3 x M&K In-wall IW150’s £3,600
Rear speakers 2 pairs x M&K 150 T Tripolar speakers £3,500
Atmos height speakers 4 x IW150 £4,800
Subwoofers 2 x M&K X10 £5,200
QED HDMI video connections £250
Speaker and subwoofer cables £450
Equipment Total £29,640

UHD Player: Panasonic DMP-UB400 – £300

Proving the best picture and sound can be achieved without spending a fortune, this Panasonic UHD player is superb and is our current go to player.

Projector: JVC DNL- N5 Projector – £6,500

This JVC projector has the best black level reproduction available which is critical for getting the best from HDR and SDR content. A true 4k projector we feel at this price, there is no alternative. Suitable for screens up to 12-foot-wide, this projector puts commercial cinemas to shame.

Screen: Seymour AV Wide Screen high gain projection screen from £1,595

The correct projection screen is essential to achieving both the best picture and sound quality. With a large screen it is essential that the centre speaker is perfectly located behind the centre of the screen so that voices come from the actors not below or above them. To do this correctly requires a woven screen material that allows sound to pass while reflecting light back. Until now woven screens have been very expensive while reducing picture brightness and detail. Seymour AV screens are high-gain so pictures remain bright and detailed while sound quality is assured. We highly recommend a viewing of this Blu Ray player, projector and screen combination – you’ll be knocked out by what you see!

Receiver: Denon AVC-X 8500H – £3,295

Dolby Atmos is a must have for any high-end home cinema system and this receiver is one of our favorite Atmos ready models. With 13 channels of amplification built in, all corrected with Audyssey’s X32 room correction, this is the perfect receiver to compliment M&K’s professional 150 speaker system.

Front Speakers: M&K In-wall IW150 – £1,200 each

Want to hear your movies exactly as they were intended? Simple, just use the speakers the film makers use to record their films with. The world’s leading film makers such as Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Universal all use these speakers to mix their sound tracks. Using the same speaker in your home will get you closer to what the intended than any alternative.

Like all the speakers we recommend these are satellite designs. This means they play far louder from much smaller boxes than big hifi speakers. All home cinema systems should use three identical front speakers for perfect panning. The use of compact speakers allows for the perfect placement of the front speakers with far more predictable result than is possible with larger speakers. The tweeter array in the new Mk2 speakers also moves the crossover point all the way down to 1000Hz, well away from most speakers 3Khz crossover- the point where human hearing is most acute.

Rear speakers: 2 pairs of M&K 150T Tripolar speakers – £1,750 per pair

These speakers are part of the package that film makers’ worldwide use to mix their film with. In cinemas multiple rear speakers create an enveloping surround sound experience that using a pair of rear speakers cannot provide. Tripolar rear speakers’ fire in 3 directions at once to create a truly 360-degree sound field and localised rear sound from just 2 compact, wall mounted rear speakers.

Atmos Height Speakers: M&K IW150 – £1,200 each

Dolby Atmos is the latest development in home cinema. In the past surround sound has been limited to 2D with sounds coming from front to back and both sides of you. Dolby Atmos allows the use of height speakers to create a truly three-dimensional sound. The IW150 are a flush mounted in ceiling speakers that perfectly match the 150 range.

Subwoofers: M&K X10 – £2,600 each

Recreating deep accurate bass is one of the hardest things to achieve in any room. The most consistent, high quality way of achieving this is with subwoofers that can be placed and adjusted to perfectly match the acoustic properties of your listening room. The new X Series subs combine the latest developments in driver, amplifier and crossover technology in a familiar push/pull configuration for the finest bass performance possible.