The Star Wars Challenge

In many ways it was George Lucas who kick started the world of home cinema. With the release of Star Wars came a film that finally made the most of surround sound and created one of the most absorbing movie experiences ever.

The film was released in 1977, the same year that VHS video tape arrived and made recording and the playback of films at home a possibility. George Lucas was one of the first Directors to embrace the idea that people wanted to watch his films in the comfort of their own homes.

The Star Wars Challenge

The superb soundtrack of his film quickly highlighted the poor quality of the sound systems found in both homes and in commercial cinemas.

Lucas sought the help of the world renowned acoustician Tomlinson Holman to address the shortcomings of surround systems. The result was the first independent, expert review of surround systems ever which led to the creation of the THX programme.

Holmans’ recommendations for accurately reproducing film soundtracks at home included the use of three identical front satellite speakers, one or more subwoofers and wide dispersion rear speakers.

The first speaker system to meet these criteria was produced by M&K, the company who had pioneered the sub/sat speaker systems for use in the recording industry. Later, the M&K 150 THX approved speaker system was chosen by the Star Wars team in the production of their movies.

M&K Sound & Star Wars

“For over 15 years we’ve trusted M&K for our sound design rooms and editing suites. We couldn’t have produced Star Wars without them. M&K continues to be our monitor of choice”

Rik McCallum, Producer of Star Wars 1/11/111

Mistakes In Star Wars Episode 1

Mistakes In Star Wars Episode 1At Skywalker Ranch where the soundtrack for Star Wars Episode 1 was being edited, errors that had been made in the recordings in England were clearly audible.

To fix the problem M&K shipped a 150 loudspeaker system to the UK studio so they could more clearly monitor their mixes. – Now they could hear what they were doing!

With the release of a high definition surround soundtrack on Blu Ray, the full quality of the originally soundtrack can now be enjoyed in the home – with the right speaker system.

Using the same loudspeakers at home that were used in the production of a movie will bring you closer to what the director intended than any alternative. To hear Star Wars at its best, book a demonstration at your nearest M&K centre.