M&K Presents At Dolby’s Soho HQ

M&K were proud to share their insight into the “Future of Home Cinema” with the UK’s leading home cinema installers at the Dolby HQ in Soho. At an all-day event, in April 2015, presentations were given about the impact of 4k picture quality and Atmos 3D sound tracks in the home and at the cinema.

M&K Presents At Dolby's Soho HQ

Dolby’s own 60 seater reference cinema was used to demonstrate the benefit of both technologies in commercial cinemas. To contrast this spectacular cinema, a small home cinema system was used to demonstrate how simply Dolby Atmos can be enjoyed in the home.

The total cost of the 7.2.2 M&K home cinema system came to just £11,000 and many people commented that it provided more lifelike, natural sound than the 60 seater cinema.