In Wall Speakers

In Wall Speakers – Are you looking for the finest surround sound, discretely?

M&K’s in wall speakers are the perfect solution. This is the in wall version of the exact same speaker the world’s leading film makers use to mix their film soundtracks. These compact, in wall speakers are unique in delivering the incredible power handling that movie scores require and the detail expected from the finest studio monitors.

In Wall Speakers

Trade Secrets?

Every year we install dozens of surround systems for friends and family and M&K in wall speakers are the products we recommend. Why? They are simply the most affordable speaker we have found that provides the exacting performance standards we demand.

In addition to the detail and power handling you would expect from a studio monitor, their off axis response is truly exceptional due to their phase focused cross over. This means that unlike in wall speakers from hifi manufacturers, even when M&K speakers are placed in less than ideal locations, you will still be certain you will enjoy excellent performance, throughout your living room.

Studio Sound Quality, Discreetly & Affordably

Realistic sound reproduction requires a speaker system that will reproduce the lowest frequencies that you can feel as much as hear. All M&K speaker systems are designed for use with self-powered subwoofers that will provide the lowest frequencies that even the largest hifi speakers aren’t capable of.

With the low frequencies reproduced by a subwoofer, a small speaker is all that’s required for accurate, full range sound. With M&K’s in wall loudspeakers, you can create a virtually invisible audio system without the need for big speakers or the huge power amplifiers required to control them.

For movies at their best without compromising the appearance of your home, M&K in wall speakers are the perfect solution.