A Glimpse At The Future Of Home Cinema – 4K Projectors

4K Projectors are here – for 25 years home cinema has been our hobby and our business. During that time there have been a handful of developments that have fundamentally improved picture and sound quality. The release of the first 4k projector – with 4 times the resolution of any 1080p projector is such a breakthrough.

4K Projectors

While surround sound in the home has outperformed cinema quality for some time, picture quality has lagged behind. Regardless of the cost and quality of the projector used, smaller screens up to 8 foot wide have been required to maintain the best picture quality.

4K Projectors – Simulated Screen Resolution Images

Below are close up simulated images of the difference between a 1080p screen and the latest 4k screen.

8 foot wide screens simply do not reproduce the scale of images in the best commercial cinemas. With pixels one quarter the size of 1080p projectors, huge screens up to 5m wide can be enjoyed with 4k projectors to recreate the scale of the cinema at home.