Forum Days – Home Cinema Speaker Reviews

Forum Days - Home Cinema Speaker ReviewsLooking for Home Cinema Speaker Reviews? Considering investing in a home cinema? Why not come to our next Forum Day?

Relaxed and fun, these days are a great place to meet other film and music lovers and to benefit from their experiences.

At Gecko we spend all our time designing and installing systems that deliver extraordinary performance and value for money.

Our listening rooms are the only place in the UK where you can experience the world‘s finest music and home cinema systems and are the perfect place to start your journey in to home cinema.

Here is what recent visitors to Gecko had to say…


  • It’s like nothing I have heard before. It just makes you smile.

  • In 20 years as a musician, these are the most life- like music system I‘ve ever heard.

  • Absolutely amazing, the best demos I‘ve ever heard or seen.

  • I have been to lots of AV shows and had many demonstrations of excellent home cinema systems but what I heard made most of those memories pale into insignificance.

  • I could feel my jeans and shirt moving… it was just incredible!

  • It was astonished to experience the M&Ks in action with the Onkyo receiver. This has completely swayed me towards them for any future upgrades.

  • This system simply puts other every high end system I‘ve heard to shame for a fraction of the cost.

  • The bass power is beyond belief; it is quite literally breath taking.

  • This was by far the best film watching experience I‘ve ever had, no other home system, cinema or IMAX cinema has ever come close.

  • A visceral experience but such good fun to hear and FEEL.

  • My shirt and my trousers were flapping!

  • I could not believe how the flat M&K MP150Mk2‘s sounded driven by an entry level Onkyo AV receiver. This was an eye opener for me. it really highlighted just how important it is to setup a system correctly. The subs were integrated perfectly. The SPL levels from the M&Ks were extreme, more than I would ever need in my front room. And I‘m a bit of a hooligan when it comes to SPL.

  • I was absolutely blown away by the sound from the M&Ks, they‘re an absolute joy to listen to.

  • I have never heard anything like it, it was that good. I don‘t even know how to describe it, I‘ve listened to a few decent sets of speakers in my time, B&W 800D‘s, Kef Blades, Pro Ac Carbon 8‘s, Naim Ovator 600‘s and a few more to boot and these just bettered each one of them by a MASSIVE amount – absolutely breath taking!

  • That M&K system is just crazily good.

  • Simply stunning. And the music playing in the movie ‘Project X‘ sounded like you were right in the middle of a night club!

  • It was an absolutely amazing day and was great to meet new members.

  • The venue. Oh my word. Gobsmacking.

  • It really was like being there at the performance.

  • If I was to have a cinema room in heaven, I‘d gladly accept any of these systems.

  • I‘ve heard the gunfight from Open Range on five different M&K systems now, often driven from much more exotic pre/power combo‘s than the Onkyo 818 and yet I‘ve not heard it sound like I did yesterday. Those gun shots (played through the flat MP150‘s) were just incredible and carried so much weight.

  • I don‘t have the words to convey just how good that set up was. Let‘s just say, that everyone sat there in awe.

  • A real bargain. I want one.