Dolby Atmos – The Move To 3D Surround Sound

Dolby Atmos makes watching your movies more fun and involving.

Until now home cinemas have recreated films with 5 or 7 speakers placed around you. Dolby Atmos allows the use of up to 34 speakers placed above and around you to create a truly lifelike presentation of sound. This move from 2D to 3D sound systems is a major breakthrough for film lovers.

As the speaker manufacturer relied upon by many film makers in the production of their movies, M&K are dedicated to recreating movie soundtracks as convincingly as possible in the home and the studio. Here are our recommendations for adding Dolby Atmos to your system.

Dolby Atmos

Adding Height Speakers

Surround sound systems with height channels are described according to the number of speakers used. The first number shows how many speakers are required at low level, the second shows the number of subwoofers used, and the third shows how many speakers are used above you at height.

5.1.2 Speaker Setup

Adding a pair of height speakers above the listening position and a Dolby Atmos Receiver is the simplest way to enjoy the added envelopment and spaciousness that Atmos brings to your films.

Exact placement should be chosen after discussion with your dealer, but in most rooms a pair of in ceiling speakers placed just in front of the main listening position would be ideal.

5.1.2 Speaker Setup

7.1.4 Speaker Setup

Using side and rear speaker gives more even panning around the room, while improving consistency at all listening positions.

With height speakers in front and behind the listener, sounds can pan overhead so that a helicopter flying above you will move as it would in real life. Moving from a 5.1.2 system to a 7.1.4 system creates a more even, seamless spread of sound for a more absorbing experience.

7.1.4 Speaker Setup

9.1.6 Speaker Setup

In most home cinemas, this is the maximum number of speakers that we recommend. However, in long rooms and spaces with several rows of seats, more speakers should be placed to the side of the listener to avoid any gaps in the soundstage.

Six height speakers mean that every listener in the room will hear smooth pans overhead. Adding more speakers around the listener helps create a seamless 360 soundstage while the speakers themselves disappear.

Choosing Speakers For Dolby Atmos

Dolby AtmosDolby Atmos does much more than adding height speakers to your recordings, it helps recreate the exact same quality of sound that you would experience at the live event with up to 24 speakers positioned around the rooms and 10 above.

With two rows of 5 speakers above you, sounds above you can be smoothly panned from front to back and side to side.

This means that special effects such as a plane flying overhead can be perfectly reproduced. More importantly the sense of space that a film is made in can be recreated in a far more lifelike way.

To allow this to be achieved in both livings rooms and dedicated cinemas, M&K provides two different ranges of loudspeaker that are ideally suited for Dolby Atmos.

M&K In Ceiling Atmos Height Speakers

M&K In Ceiling Atmos Height SpeakersThe most discrete way to enjoy the benefits of Dolby Atmos is with the addition of flush in ceiling speakers.

M&K make three in ceiling speakers all of which are true satellite designs that provide high power handling and studio quality sound from remarkably compact in ceiling speakers.

The IW85 and IW95 both have a very wide “off- axis” response. This ensures listeners throughout the room enjoy the same high quality of sound. The IW150 has a distinct elliptical radiation that pattern which throws sound towards the front and rear of the room to mimic the sound of a row of speakers.

It is our favourite in ceiling speaker for height channels.

M&K On Ceiling Tripolar Atmos Height Speakers

M&K On Ceiling Tripolar Atmos Height SpeakersFor dedicated cinemas we recommend the use of Tripolar speakers for Dolby Atmos height channels.

When placed flush on the ceiling, Tripolar speakers produce reflections off your ceiling that fire towards the front and rear of the room. This creates the most open, lifelike presentation of sound possible.

Correctly placed the location of Tripolar speakers becomes invisible so you can enjoy the sound as it was intended without being reminded of the system that reproduces it.

Surround Speakers With Dolby Atmos – Choice & Positioning

Where Dolby Atmos height speakers are being used its important that the surround speakers are placed at head height at the listening position.

If your existing surround speakers are placed in ceiling or above head height when seated, sound quality will be compromised.

Surround Speakers With Dolby Atmos - Choice & Positioning

Please consult your dealer to find the optimal solution for your room.