The Total Home Cinema Speaker Solution

A full M&K home cinema speaker system will provide a level of fidelity and envelopment only matched by the finest recording studios. Designed very differently to other loudspeakers, M&K systems provide a total solution that delivers the highest quality home cinema installation possible.

It was over 40 years ago that M&K developed the subwoofer as the most reliable method of bringing deep, realistic bass to any space. With deep lifelike bass you can feel as well as hear, much smaller, more cost effective loudspeakers can be used.

This holistic approach to system design ensures the most consistent sound quality, the most discrete installation and the most cost effective total system. As more speakers are used for Dolby Atmos playback, M&K systems provide the most practical, real world approach to high performance surround sound available.

Listen to an M&K speaker system and you will discover new detail and dynamics in your movies that you never knew existed. Get the most from your music and movies with M&K, the benchmark for film production and playback the world over.

Very few loudspeakers recommended for home cinema were designed solely for delivering the best surround sound.

M&K products are different, with every speaker being conceived and constructed solely for the specific role it must fulfil within a 5.1 system.

For Oscar winning producers, home cinema professionals and film lovers worldwide, M&K loudspeakers continue to be the bench mark against which all other surround speakers are judged.