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State of the Art Music & Film, Discreetly

Achieving life like stereo reproduction is something that eludes even the most expensive home cinemas. This system was designed to demonstrate the finest music and film playback from a system that looks superb and can fit in to a regular lounge. The installation is in the home of the owner of Seriously Cinema, a Hertfordshire… Read more »

Discrete audio demonstrated

These are the latest systems on demonstration at Gecko. If you thought in wall speakers were a compromise these two systems will change your mind.

A cinema fit for a King

Proving that even those who live in the most elegant homes love the cinema, this magnificent English country house now contains a superb private screening room.

Lord of the mix

A HANDFUL OF THE ALBUMS MIXED ON MK LOUDSPEAKERS AT MIX LA in LOS ANGELES 23 releases for Green Day 11 releases for Bon Jovi 7 releases for Celine Dion 5 releases for Eric Clapton 9 releases for Michael Buble 2 releases for Bruce Springsteen 6 releases for Alanis Morissette 5 releases for Tim McGraw… Read more »

A secret delight

At the start of 2015 M&K released a new range of more affordable subwoofers called the V series. These subwoofers share much of the same technology found in M&K X Series subwoofers that are used by the world’s leading recording studios. The lower price of these subwoofers has made enjoying the speed and transparency of… Read more »

The best MK Cinema yet

Our demonstration rooms are continually being improved to ensure the systems we demonstrate really do provide unbeatable performance at the price. If you think all speakers sound the same we urge you to come and hear for yourself why M&K continues to be the first choice for both film makers and film lovers alike. We… Read more »

The past meets the future

This classic English Country Estate now contains a superb cinema so there is no reason to ever leave home. The photo below shows the system under construction and illustrates that the best sound and vision can be achieved discretely and with very little disruption to the room. The property is over 200 years old and… Read more »

An elegant audio haven

The superb system was installed by a music and home cinema lover with over 25 years experience of a huge range of audio systems. A new home and a growing family meant that his new system had to fit into one end of a lounge while still providing the very best performance. A long-time owner… Read more »

War of the Worlds

The War of the Worlds is the UKs 39th best-selling album of all time. In 1978 its inspirational creator, the composer, conductor and musician Jeff Wayne assembled many of the finest musicians of the day to produce this timeless album. Still one of the finest sounding CDs of the period is was mixed on M&Ks… Read more »

The ultimate 11.8.6 private cinema

This superb 30 seat cinema was completed in 2015 by The Cinema Company in Essex. The system was designed to ensure home owners in a luxury new complex of 14 apartments would enjoy their movies at their very best. Built by the prestigious Berkley Homes Group, no expense was spared in the design and installation… Read more »

A basement, converted

The cellar of this 200 year old property now houses a superb private cinema where the owners enjoy their films, TV box sets and sports without having to venture out. Originally designed as a wine cellar, the space was rarely used until its conversion in to a TV/Cinema room by the Bristol based home cinema… Read more »

THX’s Speaker of choice

THX have probably done more to improve the quality and consistency of film reproduction in the home and cinemas than any other company. Originally conceived when George Lucas was so disappointed with the sound of Star Wars when played back in cinemas and home cinemas, he tasked audio guru Tom Holman to create a system… Read more »

Discrete, On-wall home cinema

This little cinema shows that great sound and vision can be enjoyed in small rooms with a minimum of fuss and without the need for big intrusive loudspeakers. Below the screen you can see the three flat M&K M7 loudspeakers and a pair of V10 active subwoofers. These speakers provide high quality sound while the… Read more »

Simple & Sweet

This little private cinema was installed in Islington by The London Home Cinema co. The flat MK MP300’s were fitted behind a fixed acoustically transparent screen. Combined with 2 pairs of MKS150T Tripolar surround speakers and a X12 dual 12” subwoofer, the system provides superb sound and vision from a discrete system that takes up… Read more »

Pretty in purple

This system was designed and installed by one of the UK’s most experienced audio visual companies, the London Home Cinema company. Using M&K’s flat MP150 front loudspeakers behind an acoustically transparent fixed screen the very best placement of front speakers is achieved while ensuring a discrete, elegant installation.This 7.1 surround system proves that great sound… Read more »

Powerful, Accurate, Discrete

If you thought the best sound required big speakers, think again. By separating the bass reproduction from mid and high frequency playback, M&K loudspeaker systems faithfully reproduce exactly what the director intended you to hear while allowing discrete installations. With 3 stacked tweeters, the flat MP150 and MP300 front speaker will play louder and clearer… Read more »

Up4Loud Studio – Alan Snelling

Alan Snelling has always been passionate about film and music, and has had an extraordinary career spanning both. Aged 20 he became a sound assistant at Anvil, based at the famous Denham Film Studios, and almost immediately was involved in recording the film score to Star Wars with John Williams and George Lucas, followed by… Read more »

The Engineers Choice

The recording studio is the most demanding environment for any audio system, so when sound editor Nino Jacobsen was commissioned to mix the most ambitious TV and film series in Scandinavian film history, M&K was his speaker system of choice. The flagship series 1864 features a violent historical drama with epic war scenes. The sound… Read more »

The most beautiful cinema yet?

This most beautiful of cinemas was created by Overture in Banbury. The client spent many months auditioning different systems but after a visit to MK’s listening rooms at Gecko he was convinced the flat MK MP150Mk2’s provided unbeatable performance while also allowing for this most elegant of installations. This fabulous room contains a bar at… Read more »

A lifelong dream fulfilled

For many people a home cinema is something of a fad, for other film it is a real passion. With a love of music and film since childhood Mr V had dreamed of owning his own private screening room since he was a boy. For him, this project was most definitely a labour of love…. Read more »

A Cotswold Delight

This superb cinema was designed and installed for a client who already had a dedicated cinema. His existing system was originally due to be moved to their beautiful new Cotswold Farmhouse until a visit to the MK listening rooms with his system designer and installer Revolve CI Bristol. A home cinema should give much better… Read more »

A film for the family

The London Home Cinema company have been designing and installing cinemas for the film and TV industry for nearly 20 years. While the majority of systems they install are for professionals who are solely concerned with hearing their work at their best, more and more of these same clients are now looking for the best… Read more »

The Directors Choice

“It’s amazing how many systems we get called out to tune that have been bought without a demonstration” says Allan from Ideal AV. We’re having a catch up after the winter season when Allan and his team were trying to juggle three big cinema installations while also tweaking the systems that other less professional installers… Read more »

When size matters

This beautiful home in Putney is the location for many film and photo shoots. The owners wanted the very best home cinema experience without having to black the room out for a projector. The plasma TV accompanied by a set of MK Xenon 36 loudspeakers and an MX700 subwoofer provides superb, full range sound quality… Read more »

Lofty Intentions

This fabulous home cinema was completed just in time for Christmas 2013. The sound proofing, building, pre wire and decoration was completed to the highest standards by the home owner after a visit to the MK listening rooms at Gecko. With professional advice from Gecko and incredible attention to detail by the owner, this approach… Read more »

Experience the sound of the studio

MK is a small boutique manufacturer of loudspeakers that few people outside of the film industry are familiar with. With a mediocre website, non-existing marketing and a range of products much smaller and less impressive than other high end speaker brands, why are they still around after 40 years when so many others have failed?… Read more »

Total control meets the perfect performance

Oldfield Controls have been working with interior designers, architects, developers and home owners, building and updating luxury homes for almost 50 years. With a history in whole house electrical, security and lighting design the company are perfectly placed to design discrete music and home cinema systems. Their beautiful new showroom in Skipton sees a surprising… Read more »

Superb sound, discretely

If you thought the best sound required big speaker, think again. The same studio quality sound can be achieved in the home as in studios with the flat on wall MP range of speakers from MK. After falling in love with the sound of the famous MK 150 studio monitors, this client tried these and… Read more »

Really Big Screen

One of the constant issues for home cinema designers is “managing client expectations”. For many people the bigger the screen the better and whilst a larger screen adds very little to the cost of a system, picture quality will often suffer. In this project completed by Ideal Home Cinema the room size could accommodate a… Read more »

MK’s let us get it right first time!

Ludus Sound, Copenhagen, Denmark Pro sound people tend to fall into two distinct groups – the auto-didacts who simply learn by doing and those professionally schooled in an academic environment. In either case, it’s how they hone their skills in the field that is of lasting importance. Henrik Gugge Garnov and Nino Jacobsen, co-founders of… Read more »

We’d always end up back on the MK’s

Frank Morrone, independent re-recording mixer, Hollywood In detailing the accomplishments of independent re-recording mixer Frank Morrone, we could probably fill this article with just a list of his major film, television and music credits and awards. Including his 2011 Emmy for Outstanding Sound Mixing on the popular and controversial mini-series, The Kennedys. Other television projects… Read more »

I fell in love with the sound of MK’s

Mike Draghi, proprietor, The Mix Stage, Burbank, California Located at the epicenter of America’s film, music and television industries in Burbank, California, The Mix Stage, a simply yet aptly named postproduction company… is hard at work behind the scenes, bringing movie, music and TV productions to life. With the added dimension of sound. Sound production… Read more »

The Studios Choice

Mistakes made in the UK for the production of Star Wars Episode 1 were heard when replayed through MK loudspeakers at Lucasfilm. A full 5.1 MK active speaker system was sent to the UK studio so they could hear precisely what they recording. This superb studio was another recent convert to the extra detail provided… Read more »

Film fantasy

This superb cinema was installed by the London Home Cinema company in a barn conversion that also contained a full sized pool table and a very lovely bar. The room was painted with back lit Perspex side panels by one of the artists who worked on the Blade Runner set. Active MK 150P�s were located… Read more »

A system with the X Factor

These days the X Factor is one of the best know programmes on TV. For years however, the music industry have had their own fun assessing the talent of new bands and albums. We take a sneak preview of BMG’s boardroom where Simon Cowell and other industry gurus assess some of the biggest names in… Read more »

Small but perfectly formed

This small cinema was installed in Chelsea for a film producer. Small spaces are the most challenging environments in which to reproduce full range sound as high quality speaker systems must typically be placed well away from walls for optimal performance. Most recording studios are small spaces that face many of the same acoustic challenges… Read more »

Finally, picture quality to match the cinema

This picture illustrates the size and quality that can now be achieved with the arrival of 4k projectors. With 4 times the resolution of 1080p projectors huge screen sizes can be enjoyed with no loss of quality. The photo is of Geckos largest demonstration room that has recently been upgraded with this huge 5m screen… Read more »

A Sexy Showroom

This picture shows the cinema in the basement of Zebras Kings Road showroom. A long room with black fabric walling made this a superb space for showing projection systems. The low ceiling in this space however did create some real problems when trying to create the very best sound quality. The best sound achieved was… Read more »

A Petite Picture Palace

This compact cinema was installed in the basement for film lover Les Dennis. Given the close viewing distance, the type of perforated screens available at the time would have compromised picture and sound quality. A non-perforated motorised Stewart screen was specified which helped ensure great picture quality however this meant the centre speaker had to… Read more »

Media Wall

The majority of installations in the UK tend to focus either on discrete audiovisual systems or whole house control. Here is system that really does have a very different flavour. When the client, a young, single businessman bought his new flat in Soho, he wanted to be able to indulge in his love of music… Read more »

Party Central

This system was installed for a city trader with a love of music and film. The large open plan living room was designed by the properties previous owner, The Cures Robert Smith. A large Sony G70 CRT projector sat under the table rather than clutter the ceiling space. The audio system was built in to… Read more »

A Flat Screen for the Studio

Flat doesn’t need to be lacklustre as this installation in the office of one the UK’s best known Film Directors show. Installed in a Soho apartment, there simply wasn’t space for a darkened room and a projector so a plasma TV with the very best sound system was required. The flat, on wall version of… Read more »

The Box of Tricks

Usually putting speakers in a cabinet is a real no no, it simply compromises sound quality too much. But with the right type of speaker and the right design, great sound quality can be achieved. We talked with Martin Redwood from the London Home Cinema company to ask for his tips on how to keep… Read more »

The Basement Odeon

Home cinema professionals know that the weakest link in most systems will be the acoustics of the listening room itself. The owner of this superb Media room installed by Oldfield Controls gave the designers carte blanche to specify the room to their ideal proportions for the very best picture and sound quality. The owner of… Read more »