A system with the X Factor

These days the X Factor is one of the best know programmes on TV. For years however, the music industry have had their own fun assessing the talent of new bands and albums.

We take a sneak preview of BMG’s boardroom where Simon Cowell and other industry gurus assess some of the biggest names in music.

The system has to reproduce stereo and surround sound exactly as the mix was recorded and after many auditions, the MK active 150 system was chosen for its detail and dynamics.

Whilst the room typically seats no more than 8 at the table it’s also used for up to 60 listeners on occasion. This requirement for an accurate nearfield monitor system that can also deliver the SPL’s for a room full of people meant that most professional audio systems were discounted.

The relatively low ceiling and high table also required a speaker with a very specific dispersion pattern to reduce reflections from the table and ceiling compromising intelligibility to listeners at the rear of the room.

The MK active 2150P’s front speakers were used in conjunction with 8 x IW95 in ceiling rear speakers and 2 MX350THX subwoofers for superb results.