Party Central

This system was installed for a city trader with a love of music and film. The large open plan living room was designed by the properties previous owner, The Cures Robert Smith.

A large Sony G70 CRT projector sat under the table rather than clutter the ceiling space. The audio system was built in to the cabinet with the three front speakers concealed behind fabric panels made from speaker cloth.

Because of the need to hide the speakers in cabinetry, satellite speakers were required to avoid cabinet resonances. With three stacked tweeters MK150s can play much louder than much larger conventional speakers with a single tweeter. When reproducing the dynamics of a gunshot for example, the remarkable headroom of this system is immediately apparent.

Two massive MX5000THX subwoofers and three pairs of SS150THX triploar rear speaker were used to fill this huge room effortlessly with control by a Crestron touch panel.