A Flat Screen for the Studio

Flat doesn’t need to be lacklustre as this installation in the office of one the UK’s best known Film Directors show.

Installed in a Soho apartment, there simply wasn’t space for a darkened room and a projector so a plasma TV with the very best sound system was required.

The flat, on wall version of the MK150 Studio Monitors were installed providing near identical performance to the in room speaker with a much more elegant installation.

These speakers use the same layout and drive units as the professional monitor for dynamics that the biggest floor standing speakers cannot provide. Three stacked tweeter can handle far more power than the single tweeter found in most reference loudspeakers while also lowering the crossover point between a single tweeter and mid away from the point that the human hearing is most acute.

Complimented with a pair of SS150THX Tripolar speakers and an MX700 subwoofer, this is a cinema that would keep the most demanding of film Moguls happy.