The most beautiful cinema yet?

Overture in Banbury

This most beautiful of cinemas was created by Overture in Banbury.

The client spent many months auditioning different systems but after a visit to MK’s listening rooms at Gecko he was convinced the flat MK MP150Mk2’s provided unbeatable performance while also allowing for this most elegant of installations.

This fabulous room contains a bar at one end and a superb cinema at the other, making it surely the ultimate boys playroom?

The space is partially underground in the basement of an Oxfordshire country mansion. The solid walls over 2 feet thick and quiet, rural location make for a superb listening room which is ideal for a home cinema. The fixed, widescreen (2.35:1) Seymour Screen is 4m wide and is filled with pictures that are the equal of any cinema thanks to the use of Sony’s breakthrough VPL 1000 ES “4K” projector. With 4 times the resolution of any 1080p projector, images from Blu Ray, Sky HD and home movies are all be enjoyed with crystal clear quality.

To match the finest projector available an MK 150 7.2 speaker system was chosen. Driven by an Integra Surround Processor and a pair of Parasound Amplifiers, the new flat on wall MP150Mk2 front speakers were partnered with a pair of the matching reference X12 subwoofers in either corner at the front of the room. A superbly enveloping soundstage was achieved throughout the room with the addition of matching S150T Tripolar speakers and a pair of in ceiling MK IW95 speakers for the rear channels.

With simple control of the system, lighting and motorised blinds via an iPad, the system is child’s play to operate while providing truly superb sound and vision.