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M&K 950 speakers provide the same quality and consistency of sound as the studio proven 150 systems in a more compact package. Utilizing the exact same drive units found in their professional monitors guarantees the detail and dynamics that is the signature of all M&K loudspeaker systems.

The use of three identical front speakers is the only method of guaranteeing perfect panning across the front soundstage of a surround system. As true satellite speakers the 950 front speakers provide accurate in-room response whether they are placed against walls or free standing in the room. A phase focused crossover ensures the most even off axis response so that good sound can be enjoyed throughout the whole listening room.

A wide choice of studio proven subwoofers provide deep, accurate bass response while patented Tripolar surround speakers combine the detail and localized information in the best lossless recordings with the envelopment of a dipolar speaker for a seamless 360 degree soundstage.

Oppo BD103 region free Blue Ray player £600
Sony VPL 55ES projector £2,799
Ceiling mount projector bracket £150
Wide screen, high gain projection screen £1,395
Marantz SR6010 Dolby Atmos Receiver £695
Front speakers 3 x M&K 950’s £1,875
Rear speakers 2 x M&K 95T Tripolar speakers £1,250
Subwoofers M&K V12 £1,250
QED HDMI video connections £250
Speaker and subwoofer cables £450
Equipment Total £10,714
Installed System Price £11,514

Blu Ray: Oppo BD 103 region free Blue Ray player – £600

Oppo Blu Ray players provide the best picture and sound quality available. This player has been modified to provide superb Blu ray performance from discs from any region while also getting the very best from DVD’s. It’s also great for digging all the detail from SACD 5.1 recordings – reference quality source components have never been so cheap!

Projector: Sony VPL HW 55ES projector – £2,799

The new Sony 55ES is one of the best 1080p projectors available. Combining excellent black levels and very high brightness with a remarkable 6000 hour lamp life this projector represents something of a bargain for the home cinema enthusiast.

Screen: Seymour AV, high gain projection screen from £1,395

The correct projection screen is essential to achieving both the best picture and sound quality. With a large screen it is essential that the centre speaker is perfectly located behind the centre of the screen so that voices come from the actors not below or above them. To do this correctly requires a woven screen material that allows sound to pass while reflecting light back. Until now woven screens have been very expensive while reducing picture brightness and detail. Seymour AV screens are high-gain so pictures remain bright and detailed while sound quality is assured. We highly recommend a viewing of this Blu Ray player, projector and screen combination – you’ll be knocked out by what you see!

Receiver: Marantz SR6010 – £695

This Marantz Receiver provides an unbeatable combination of performance and facilities to act as the heart of any audio visual system. With Dolby Atmos decoding, 7 channels of amplification and Audyssey X32 room correction it is the perfect product to act as the heart of any hifi / home cinema system. Partnered with M&K’s satellite speakers and active subwoofers, you’ll be amazed at the power, fidelity and transparency that this Receiver can provide.

Front Speakers: M&K 950’s – £1,875 for three

These are M&K’s finest ever single tweeter design. Using the same drivers found in the active 150′ these speakers are a superb choice for both music and film reproduction. If you considering floor standing speakers and don’t believe compact satellite speakers can provide the same power, quality and musical performance, these are the speaker that will convert you to “the choice of professionals”.

Surround Speakers: M&K 95Ts – £1,250 for two

These are the Tripolar surround sound speakers to match the front 950’s. With the same drivers as the LCR950’s these new speakers are one of the finest surround speakers’ available thanks to their unique, patented dispersion pattern. Ask for an audition of any Tripolar speaker and you will hear a better combination of envelopment and detail than any alternatives.

Optional Atmos Height Speakers: M&K IW950 – £1600 for two

Dolby Atmos is the latest development in home cinema. In the past surround sound has been limited to 2D with sounds coming from front to back and both sides of you. Dolby Atmos allows the use of height speakers to create a truly three-dimensional sound. The IW950 are a flush mounted in ceiling speakers that perfectly match the 950 range. Add 2 speakers above you to create a 5.1.2 system or 4 to create a 5.1.4 system with in ceiling speakers in front and behind you. Dolby Atmos is a backwards compatible system so all your existing movies can still be played with 3D sound.

Subwoofer: M&K V12 x 1 – £1,250

Recreating deep accurate bass is one of the hardest things to achieve in any room. The most consistent, high quality way of achieving this is with a subwoofer that can be placed and adjusted to perfectly match the acoustic properties of your listening room. The THX approved V12 provides the detail and articulation for the best music reproduction with the deep powerful bass required for enjoying film at its best.

Installation Includes:

Surface mounting of all cables and speakers, projector and screen. Video calibration optimised to Digital Video Essentials standards.

System Options

Option 1: Dolby Atmos

Dolby decoding has been at the heart of every home cinema for decades. Atmos is Dolby’s latest decoding system which allows the reproduction of 3 dimensional sounds with the addition of speakers above the listener.

While special effects seem far more real, it is the sense of the space that a film was made in that makes Dolby Atmos so compelling. Imagine the different acoustics created by a cathedral, a stadium, or a submarine. The same sound you would hear in any of these spaces can now be faithfully reproduced thanks to Dolby Atmos making it a must have addition to any high performance home cinema.

Option 2: Dual V12 subwoofers

Adding additional subwoofers to your hifi or home cinema is the most effective way of Increasing the power and dynamics of your audio system. It’s like switching to a car with a bigger engine. The use of two or more subwoofers means that more even bass can be achieved throughout the listening room. Where possible we always recommend the use of two subwoofers in a system to ensure the location of the speakers and subwoofers becomes invisible while providing effortless power handling.

Option 3: Stealth Option

All our house systems use compact satellite speakers that are designed to be used with separate subwoofers. This is how professional surround systems are designed as this approach provides the most consistent performance in any room. The in wall version of the speakers we use provide near identical performance to the in room speakers. For the highest quality sound with the most discrete installation these in wall system are the perfect solution. Please note additional installation charges typically apply.

Option 4: Motorised Screens

Our motorised projection screens are simply the best available. Acoustically transparent screens are essential to allow the perfect placement of the centre speaker. Our screens use the only woven fabric that doesn’t sacrifice picture brightness or sound quality. Where motorised drop down screens are required our screens are also unique in using a matt fabric velvet border to frame the picture for the highest contrast images available.

Option 5: ISF Video Calibration

Where rooms can be darkened our combination of Blue Ray player, projector and screen will give the best possible performance. All video systems are calibrated to Video Essentials standards but where optimal video quality must be ensured, we provide ISF video calibration using state of the art test equipment.