The Best Place For Bass…

One of the biggest benefits of using a subwoofer is how easily it can be moved to match the acoustics of your room. The best location for a single subwoofer varies from room to room and is something that typically requires some trial and error; however there are locations for placing multiple subwoofers that can guarantee the best results.

The following conclusions were reached by Todd Welti at Harman Industries after his definitive research into the problem. A link to the white paper as presented to the Audio Engineering Society can be found at the end of this article.

To Summarise his Findings:

  • Four correctly placed subwoofers provided the best response
  • Two subwoofers placed correctly provided very similar response
  • Using one or three subwoofers produced significantly poorer results
  • There is no practical benefit to using more than 4 subwoofers
  • Electronic equalisation does not affect these results

The Best Locations For 2 Subwoofers:

Centrally on the opposing front and rear walls or side walls – 4db variation

The Worst Location For 2 Subwoofers:

The front corners – 21db variation

The Best Locations For 4 Subwoofers:

Each corner – 7db variation

Half way down each wall – 4db variation

Click here to read the white paper as presented by Todd Welti to the Audio Engineering Society